Flight Training

Kal-Aero Flight Instruction is dedicated to giving the best and most affordable training available. The flight training and syllabus are designed to maximize learning without spend extra on unnecessary expenses. We don't require you to have a headset (available for borrow), iPad or other expensive gadgets. These are all great to have but not necessary to fly our Cessna 172's. 


Airplane Rate:

$170/hour wet (includes fuel)

Flight Instructor Rate:

$60/hour (Flight or Ground Instruction)

Introductory Flight

The journey starts here! This intro to Kal-Aero's operations and the aviation industry is suitable for all ages and designed to start you on the right foot. During this time you will meet with one of our Certified Flight Instructors who will walk you through the process of pre-flighting the aircraft, normal operations including flight in the aircraft and post-flight.

The cost of the Introductory Flight has been lowered from our normal rate to a special $120 / 45-minute flight. Our instructors are prepared to answer any questions you may have and get you set on the right track to success.


Private Pilot Training

Training to become a pilot of any form starts here for you! During this training, you will learn the basics of flights and learn what it means to become a Pilot in Command. This course is designed to take you from ZERO experience and have you achieve your Private Pilot License. The estimated breakdown of the cost is located below. If you want to start your dream of flight! Fill out the request for more information!


Instrument Rating

Coming to us with your Private Pilot License or continuing your training from the Private Pilot course at Kal-Aero? It does not matter the experience level, our Kal-Aero Flight Instructors will accelerate you to the next level of your flight journey. To become an instrument pilot is to increase the number of days you can fly and make you a better well rounded pilot. Learn what it means to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) and be able to file an IFR Flight Plan!


Commercial Pilot Training

To become a commercial pilot is to take aviation from a passion to a career. This step is required if you have the desire to become a professional in the industry and hope to make the cockpit your office! Our training is tailored to build on any experience you come with. We will direct and train you for success in the aviation field. 

Certified Flight Instructor

Want to help train the next generation of aviation professionals? Kal-Aero has a fast pace training to achieve this goal without having to leave the state to achieve it! Our program is set up to teach you real world experience in training and have you pass your CFI check ride!